Wednesday, 15 February 2017

5 Kerala Honeymoon Places for a Romantic Escape

Explore the scenic wonders in the exotic location Kerala, Gods own country as there are outstanding wonders which offer a chance to spend a romantic honeymoon. The places stand as a treat to the one visiting the location and make sure that you choose the best place of Kerala and enjoy the marvelous honeymoon activities.

  • Munnar: Tea plantations in Munnar are perfect to explore during the honeymoon as couple can easily get an exceptional chance to walk together and gain an amazing time to know more regarding each other. The green location and the scenic view allow people to gain a fabulous experience of holiday as the location is perfect for the romantic walks. Not just the spice gardens, but the ambience of the location and the adventure filled activities make the location to be a one must visit destination. The warm environment and the nature charm enhance the travelers and people will surely fall in love with the magnificent nature.

  • Alleppey and Kumarakom: Both the places are perfect for the newly married couple and travelers can enjoy spending time in the houseboats. The enchanting beauty and the ambience make the region stunningly attractive and even a chance to witness the migratory as well as the regular birds around. Alleppey as well as Kumarakom due to the marvelous attractions stands as the dream honeymoon destination for the couple who love to spend a quality time with each other. Gain a chance to spend a romantic trip and the backwaters surely play a major role in enjoying the new begin of the life.

  • Kovalam and Bekal: There are various coastal beaches located in Kerala and are perfect to visit for honeymoon. One can enjoy visiting the golden sandy beaches and tall palm trees in the breathtaking destinations which are easy to reach. Along with the nature charm couple can take part in the thrilling water activities enjoying the luxurious accommodations in the seacoast. Both the places are wonderful honeymoon gateways and one can spend a warm time in the safe and calm locations.

  • National Parks: The wildlife national park are wonderful to explore in Kerala and people who are newly wedded can gain enough time to spend a great time. Start the successful begin to the life witnessing the unseen wonders in the location. Enjoy exploring the UNESCO sites and the jeep safaris, elephant rides and countless adventure filled activities make people enjoy in the picturesque locations. The Periyar National Park, Eravikumal, Chinnar and a few more are perfect to explore as a part of honeymoon and the exotic beauty of the locations mesmerizes the couple.

  • Ayurvedic Resorts: Finally get the Ayurveda massage as a perfect massage with medicinal oils soothes the mood and relaxes the body. Plan a visit to a resort where experts offer a massage for relaxation and there are several registered places where people can get massage and therapies which offer a better experience and couples can get the best massage and have a great time.

Starting from the beaches till the backwaters there are various places that offer a chance to spend a vacation and the charming hill stations always welcome people to earn a memorable vacation. Pick a convenient package and make sure that you enjoy the grace of the romantic gateways that are completely unique and offer a wonderful experience of the holiday in South India.


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